Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 12th Convocation in UMS KK, 11.10.2010 (Monday)

Sorry for the late update, finally I manage to grab some time to arrange my photos of my convocation. Unfortunately, there is much nice scenery where I do not have the chance to take photo with that. Hopefully I can take those nice nice views after 2 years when I attend my friend’s master convocation.

I am lazy to write a long long story on that, so I choose to share my photos with all my friends who view my blog. Enjoy it!! If you have the opportunity, do visit Sabah. It is really a nice place. I miss Sabah so much!!

Truly said, I wish to take photo with this logo long time ago (since I enter UMS). And finally, I did it!!

My super best friend in university and her family…

Finally, I found my only personal photo in-front of Canselor Hall. ^.^

My only junior who come and wish me during my convocation….Thanks to your souvenir!! I appreciate it because you spend your time to come over KK.

Because we are from out campus in Labuan, to come over KK, there are only 4 ways:
1) we need to spend around 3 hours in express,
2) 15minutes+ in speed boat, plus 2hours+ in bus,
3) 2hours+ in ferry, plus 2hours+ in bus, or
4) 25minutes flight.

So, can you imagine how far is the distance between my campus and main campus, and the differences between these two places. KK is a very nice city of Sabah, while Labuan is only a small island beside to Brunei. But I feel happy to be located to Labuan campus, because I can feel the different life. Penang is more to city life, and I had tried the different life which is more relaxing. Of course, it also help me to learn more places. After 3 years study life, I am not only familiar with Labuan, but also KK.

Thanks to the flowers from my friend—Sze Lu, my colleagues in KMWE (M) Sdn. Bhd, and my sister.

The entire lecturer that involved in convocation…

These two photos above shows the view in UMS Canselor Hall. It was so amazing!! I really like this hall!!

I love this waterfall which located in-front of my uni so much!! Too bad I am not able to take photo with it during my 3 years study life in Sabah!! Hope I can take photo with this waterfall after 2 years…

The board beside of Canselor Hall.

Lastly, this is the photos where I took in Studio One KK as a graduation present for myself, and this photo is edited by me. ^.^


  1. wah...mY dEar, yOu so effective!!
    I just finish edit mY blog!!
    Finally I manage to upload it and share with u...hehe~~