Friday, January 8, 2010

I mIss yOu, crazily!!

Everyday keep thinking of you.
Everyday keep waiting for you, just because want to get the latest news about you.
How can I escape from this??
How can I stop missing you??
You make me feel stress!
You always come into my mind, and also, in my dream.
I can’t keep drowning from this situation.
I started to realize that…
We are getting farther from each other.
I could not understand what you are thinking about.
I could not get involve with you.
I could not accompany you when you are sad, down, unhappy.
I could not give you encouragement when you need a friend’s support.
I blamed myself!
Why I can’t even protect the people I love just from getting hurt??
I know, I should forget you.
I should take this opportunity to forget you, and, let you go.
I should not let you get into my heart, deeply!
Thus, this would be the best opportunity for me to do so.
Don’t message with you frequently,
Don’t keep update your news frequently.
And I believe that, once a day, I can forget you,
And, treat you as my usual friend!!
I really…mIss yOu crazily!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everything with yOu…

We meet on JUNE 09, because of LUCK.
We meet again on December, because we still friend.
I know, you had gave me a lot of care,
But I’m a selfish people,
I want your full care and love to me.
I know I should not be that, I should appreciate what I have right now.
I should feel lucky because we still can maintain our friendship after one and a half year of separation.
You influenced my mood,
You get into my life.
Then, you out of my life.
And now, my mood has been influenced by you again.
I feel happy when I saw you,
I feel happy when you messages with me.
I just hope you can chat with me every night.
I know, I had deeply fall in love with you.
But it is been too late.
I know, we are impossible to get together.
If we know each other earlier, what will happen in our relationship??
If I chase you, what is your answer to me??
Will this a happy ending?? Or a bad starting for us?