Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sarawak 10 days trip

In this 5th semester, I planned to go Sarawak with PY, her sister, n 1 of her sister’s friend-Shi Ai (We always called her “AiAi”, easy to pronounce and memorize…hehe~). After the final exam, we start on with the first place—Miri. We reach to Miri Airport around 9am. The first day in Miri, we only walk around their E-Library, 人造湖,扇园and at night, we went to Taman Awam Miri.

@ Pustaka Miri


Taman Awam Miri吊桥

Is it this photo look like an album???

The second day in Miri—Gua Niah!! The most challenged part in this trip. It is very meaningful and unforgettable. We start this explore on 10am, and 5pm only come out from the Gua. Lets look on the photos

This is a very challenging experienced and is very meaningful for me, even thought it is very hard and tired, but I still very enjoy. We start this hiking on 10am, until 5pm only come out from those caves. The end of this cave is Painted Cave, which we had studied before in our Malaysia History subject (I had forgotten at all…)

We also went to visit their long house in the Gua Niah. We have to walk for at least 30minutes only can reach to their living place. And this is the mean of long house:

Sarawak Long House

The third day in Miri, we went to Rain Forest, which is about 1 ½ hours time from my friend’s house. The entrance fee for this is RM50, include lunch and also tea break.

@ Miri Rain Forest

Meal @ Rain Forest

This Rain Forest is very big, luckily they had provided a tracker for us, so that we no need to walk so much!! And their service is very good.

The fourth day, we depart to the next city in Sarawak—Bintulu. Bintulu is just a small city and not much more places to go, so we only go to Bintulu National Park (Taman Tumbina Bintulu and Similajau National Park). And our dinner at Bintulu is Chicken buffet with the cost of RM16.90 each person.

The fifth day in Sarawak, we depart to Sibu. The bus ticket we bought is on 9am, but at the end, the bus departs on 10.30am. Sibu is a city where most rich people staying there. Here do not have any places to went for, so we just went to玉龙山天恩寺, Taman Tasik Sibu and walk around their city. Mostly in Sibu is to taste the delicious foods at there. At night, Cindy’s mother cooked steamboat for us. It is very delicious, especially “gong piang”(local food in Sibu). I miss it so much until now…We stay at Sibu about 3 days. Lets look on the photo below:

28 November 2009, we depart to the last station and also the most famous place in Sarawak—Kuching.

Depart to Kuching by taking MAS Airline—RM64 per way

The places we visit involved Sarawak Plaza, museum, culture village, Damai Beach, 青山岩,观景台,Crocodile Farm,Tasik Biru Bau- Gua Piri-Piri n Gua Angin @ Taman Bau

This is a very nice and challenges trip, as most places we visited are natural, such as caves, national park and so on. After this trip, I found myself being fallen in with caves challenges!! Thank to all my friends that give me a very memorable trip in Sarawak!!

~ ~ The End ~ ~